Gregg’s Breakfast: a review


We were hungover this morning and felt a breakfast at our local Gregg’s was in order. 2 bacon rolls and 2 lattes and the privilege of sitting in Gregg’s comes to a grand total of £4.50. The price is right. A breakfast fit for a king, Gregg’s offers perfect salty bacon, usually immaculate crispiness. And a soft buttery roll, ketchup. Mere bites in, we agreed we felt rejuvenated. On a scale of 1 to Waitrose the latte is a mere 7. A Waitrose latte is a bespoke creation. Crafted especially for the gods. All other lattes pale in comparison. If you are truly hungry, as we sometimes are, an upgrade to the new Gregg’s baguette is available. Crunchier and somewhat messier, it is occasionally a lovely more fulfilling treat. For some reason that beguiles us, we seem to relentlessly be the only patrons that opt to sit in Gregg’s, despite the opulent new renovations. Conclusion: Filling and delicious. Breakfast served till 11:00am


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