Percy Ingles Breakfast: a review


We decided to splash out and try a Percy Ingles breakfast since it is only slightly further afield than our local greggs and we were curious to see what they had to offer. Initial reactions as we walked in through the door was dismay at nowhere to sit, but undeterred we soldiered on to the counter.

An order of 2 bacon rolls (with extra bacon) and 2 lattes took a promisingly, and would have been irritatingly had we been in a hurry, long time to prepare. When it finally arrived, we ambled out to find a bench in the early morning summer sun. One sip into our coffee we discovered we had actually been sold a poisonous tasting brew that was reminiscent of dirty dishwasher liquid and coated our mouths. It instantly explained why we had been the only customers in there. The bacon roll was ok, a bit dry and SANS butter and the bacon was not crispy enough to compete with that of our beloved Gregg’s.
Overall our breakfast felt a little lacklustre and disappointing, especially since the higher price of £7.80 we expected a more propitious and special experience.
Final rating: The price (amongst many other things) is wrong, we’ll nae be returning.


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