Spoon’s Roast Dinner


T’was a Sunday night and we knew we’d be having dinner together. Simultaneously on the way to meet we concocted an ingenious and delectable plan, “let us have a Wetherspoons roast this evening” we decided.

Once we had given our table number, we were able to perambulate for a moment with our Kronies. Fine establishment that Spoons is, we were not waiting long before a behemoth serving of food was presented to us. Our mouths watered as we contemplated the delicious offerings our plates were inundated with. A half roast chicken, roast potatoes, mashed potato, little sausages, Yorkshire pudding, and also some obligatory vegetables, of which we ate none. Peas, broccoli and carrots, if you’re interested.

We also each received our own gravy allotment, which was ample and delicious.

The mashed potato and little sausages were a particular highlight, although the entire meal was a joy, with the Yorkshire pudding providing a lofty boat in which to place the delicious gravy.

The chicken bones had to be looked out for of course, but tis a small price to pay when you have a delicious roast dinner and pint for a mere £8 each.

If one has the impeccable taste, time, inclination and 799 pence to spare on a veritable feast we highly recommend this mouthwatering meal. The price is indeed right.


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