Burger King Chocolate Chip Muffin: a review

As we waited for our croissan’wiches to be created, our eyes were caught by by the bakery selection sitting in a clear box on the counter. There were 2 of them and 2 of us. It was fate.

Knowing that we would be back soon to pick them up, we found a seat and enjoyed our breakfast which was marred slightly by the poisonous coffee we had been served. No matter, we thought, soon we will pick up our tasty treats and head home with them to eat while we watched Independence Day.

Disgusted by the burnt poison and watery burnt poison we had been served that masqueraded under the banner of coffee, we decided to go to Donald’s for their festive new toffee latte, £3.98 for two larges, and they were adorned with toffee syrup, a first for Donald’s in our recollection. The price was right and indeed was the taste.

We were then ready to journey home with our precarious muffins to be in the company of Jeff Goldblum and Will Smith.

We were so careful on our perilous travails – the muffins had no proper packaging to protect them, just a simple tray on which they must be balanced inside a handbag.

As we settled down in front of the movie, we took our first eager bites.

It was like eating a mouthful of chocolate sand, so dry they were! We struggled on, the only saving grace being the chocolate chips which had been scattered throughout the cake and on top.

A very sad experience indeed, especially when they cost a staggering £1.59 each! The price was not right. King of burgers you may be, but you are most certainly muffin peasants!


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