Double Croissan’wich Burger King Review


This morning we were feeling brave and utilised this valour to once again sample the breakfast offerings of Burger King and try a “Croissan’wich”.

Our gluttony motivated us to upgrade to a double, which contained more bacon and more cheese. As a meal, accompanied by a drink and those splendid petite hash browns that have kept us awake at night our two meals came to a reasonable £7.78. The price is right.

We both chose mocha lattes, and as we noted upon our first visit to burger king for breakfast, there was minimal discernable taste between the flavoured lattes on offer.

We had a lengthy wait for our meal, which was caveated, so lessened our hungry agony. We pondered in this time over whether we should try a Burger King chocolate chip muffin, ensconced within a promising little case on the counter.

When we finally received our coffees and croissan’wiches we were deeply distressed by our coffees. One tasted of burnt poison and the other tasted of watery burnt poison. We shared the plain burnt one, which came in a festive cup, the other a civilian cup.

The croissan’wich was, although not the worse thing to happen to the French this year, pretty grotesque in its appearance and stature. It consisted of a bloated croissant stuffed with bacon rashers, or rasher singular for one of us, and surprisingly tasty egg and two layers of “American cheese” that was more then your average fast food plastic loveliness, but not quite real enough to be bragged about.

The egg was warm, the bacon was not, the cheese was not, the crossisan’ itself was lukewarm and although edible, it tasted of wasted potential, perhaps that branch of King was at fault? We would definitely be up for trying it again.

During our initial bites, one of us asked the other, “what do you think?”

“Delicious and disgusting” was the immediate response.

“I know exactly what you mean”.


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