McDonalds cheese melt dippers – manna from heaven


When our avaricious eyes espied that McDonalds were again serving the breadcrubbed balls of cheesy perfection that are, ‘cheese melt dippers’ we were over the proverbial moon.

Only a hangover renders these beauties any sweeter. £1.59 grants you four and they are gone in delicious moments. Cheese is sprinkled atop the breadcrumbed joy and ensconced within is melty cheesy perfection of almost orgasmic quality.

Unique from cheesy balls – the terrible testicle looking and tasting foul concoction Mcdonalds offers promotionally at other times of the year. A nebulous ‘festive sauce’ is available, but we opted for a light dip in civilian ketchup.

No match for our gluttony, we purchased two packets of cheesy delight each and shared another, and only then were we sated.

We coupled our melt dippers with a hot chocolate. £1.49 for a regular, £1.69 for a large entitles you to a decent hot chocolate that fulfils the criteria of being hot and chocolatey but is not creamy enough to be truly indulgent. Nonetheless, it is a sweet compliment to the meaty savoury perfection of cheese melt dippers.

Camembert dreams pervade our daytime reveries and winter nights – and we cannot wait to return to our nearest Donalds for more, where we shall feast like the parents in Spirited Away.

Some say the best thing about Christmas is spending time with family, some say it is the presents. Nay, we say it is the mouth watering seasonal cheesy addition to McDonald’s festive menu.


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