Mcdonalds christmas menu watch: Toffee latte

IMG_0194.JPGWhen popping into our nearest Donalds franchise intent on enjoying a batch of melt dippers we decided to try their festive drink offering alongside our cheesy manna from heaven.

A large toffee latte comes to £1.99, the price is right.
A civilian latte embellished with toffee syrup and ‘drizzle’, topped off with whipped cream, it is a wonderful caffeine laden festive treat – such stuff that dreams are made of; the toffee flavour was subtle and just sweet enough without overpowering the coffee or tasting too fake, as so many flavoured drinks unfortunately do.
A word of warning though dear readers, in order to enjoy this drink to its upmost possibility you must hurry and take the lid off lest your cream melts into the hot liquid underneath! Heed our words and don’t suffer a grusome fate worthy of only your worst nemesis.
Once again Donalds pulls off an easy win over their competitors and we will be back for more before the festive season is over.
Ho Ho How soon can we return?


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