Burger King Breakfast – King Muffin

This morrow we sampled burger king’s latest breakfast offering, a bacon King muffin. Only available in certain locations on promotion, two large meals set us back £8.18, the price is right.

After a lengthy wait for our order we were delighted to see the superabundance of little hash browns we were entitled to. King’s hash browns are truly a wonderful treat, capable of brightening the cloudiest of mornings.

Within our festive cups lay pure poison – once again we were subjected to dreadful lattes. One burnt, one burnt and watery.

The contents of the muffin were superb. Cheese, splendid salty bacon rashers, omelettey egg.

The muffin itself, however, was vile.

As dry as, and about as delicious as a sandy desert, we could only bear to eat one side and discard the other. If the bread were fresh, this King Muffin would be held high in our esteem. As it happens we came out scoffing

“King muffin? More like a peasant muffin!” We’ll nay be ordering again or returning to that branch.

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