Spoons Tours – the Toll Gate, Turnpike Lane


We adore Wetherspoons. No music, cheap beer and an abundance of delicious innutritious hot food. Perfect for a pair of parsimonious curmudgeons like ourself.

You could find us in there any time of day. A sneaky halfie with a full English in the morning, a post cinema late night kronie or devouring a cheese cake.

So the first stop on our “Spoons tours” is the Toll Gate so named after the toll gate erected back in 1765 where the high road meets Green Lanes.


Relatively local to us – the facade boasts a grandiose blue and gold colour scheme that belies the wonderfully cheap £3.09 kronies on sale within which we purchased and drank with relish. The price is right.

The pub itself is commodious and seating ranges from intimate booths to high chairs.

The lighting is dim and provides a level of intimacy.

There is a modest bibloteque for the more discerning spooner to peruse,

There is a pleasantish smoking area out the front, where one can bask in the ambiance of Turnpike Lane station.

We appreciated and saw a kindred spirit in the golden lady adorning the loo door but the toilets themselves were nothing special – not fit for royalty as some spoons lavatories are.IMG_3142.jpg

Spoons is a spiritual home to many and we are disgusted by the contempt and cynicism our love of the marvelous chain inspires.

The Oscar Wilde quote above the bar was a particular highlight of the Tollgate and as he himself said: “a cynic is a man who knows the price of everything but the value of nothing”

And only a true cynic cannot let themselves be seduced by the power of Wetherspoons.



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