Spoons Tours – Hamilton Hall

IMG_3292This spoons name derives from Lord Claude Hamilton of the Great Eastern Railway Company. The former ballroom of the great eastern hotel, it is pure unadulterated splendour, gorgeously ostentacious baroque architecture surrounded us as we watched the cavalcades of commuters on their way through Liverpool street station. Our kronies were £4.15 apiece, pricier than the spoons we usually frequent but considering that we were in such a resplendent building we felt the price was right.

A bar on both of its two grand floors, this is a spacious Spoons which provides a wonderful sense of luxury, and the loos!
We were led in by the Mary poppins esque silhouette.

The toilets provided plush throne like chairs, whereby one can sit on one’s throne and listen to the ambient sound of ladies releasing long held farts and shits.
Opulent chandeliers adorn high ceilings and churrigueresque seraphim benevolently looked down upon us as we downed our pinties before rushing for our train.
Upon seeing Empress Catherine the II of Russia’s state coach, a British diplomat commented that is was, “truly a little castle”. This spoons is reminiscent of such a comment.
We only stopped in for a quick bevvie en route to meet a friend, we shall visit again soon at a time that allows us a lengthy bask in the stunning architecture.



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