Spoons Tours – The Crosse Keys

This spoons is named for a coaching inn of the same name, and has its own special and appropriate carpet.IMG_3545.jpg

The only spoons in the Square Mile we could find open on a typically deserted city ghost town Saturday; located between Bank, Monument and Mansion House, it was blissfully quiet this day, but we imagine rammed during the week.
Thoroughly imposing both inside and out, it is abundant with elaborate columns and boasts an impressive dome ceiling adding to the cathedral like tranquility.

There is a cornucopia of seating, and it being the former HSBC headquarters, several committee rooms, which one can drink in.
After exploring them, we found a little table with lavish sofas to sit at and survey the world below. The bar at the Crosse Keys apparently has more beer handpumps than any other Spoons.

Our kronies were £4.15, the exact same price we paid in Hamilton Hall, Liverpool Street. Expensive by local Spoons standards, but for a central London pub, an absolute steal.
The toilets, always a particular Spoons highlight, were of typically high standards. The grandeur reached its apex with the mirrors however.
Lifted straight from a fairytale kingdom, they elevated the boring experience of washing one’s hands into a magical one.
“Mirror mirror, in the shitter, is this the fairest Spoons of all?”
Maybe… Maybe…

It is certainly fit for princesses.



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