Spoons Tours – the Mossy Well


The Mossy Well is a return to Wetherspoons roots, as Muswell Hill was the location of the first ever Spoons. Apparently Muswell Hill was named after the 12th century discovery of a local stream, believed to have miraculous properties. The name of that stream was the ‘Mossy Well’. 


Open October 2015, the Spoons Mossy Well sports a barn like feel, owing to its sheer scale and abundance of wood – it departs from many other Spoons in its lack of carpet.

Today Muswell Hill is an odd sort of place. An oofy area indeed, but it is entirely structured around a bus station which makes it seem more of a through route than anything else.  Mossy Well is welcomingly, seductively, in situ right where the many buses meet and highly conspicuous with its high perch, bright flowers and cottage roof.

Ever the harbinger of hangovers, Spoons also provides the panacea in form of delicious breakfast and coffee.

We visited in order to negate the effects of our bevvies from the night prior, seeking a creamy and cheap Spoons latte


£1.25, the price is right.

The Mossy Well has a village like quality with its roof and secret secluding gate.

More modern feeling than the other Wetherspoons we have visited thus far, it is nonetheless attractive. These modish chandeliers epitomise the modernity.


The ladies loo was rendered all the more exciting by this lovely half lady sign.


A welcome addition to Muswell Hill and unlike every other local pub a( drab selection indeed)! It is worth harvesting your organs for a pint, but it being a Spoons you won’t need to.


A word of caution to this tale, should you venture forth to this Spoons and find yourself in need of relief, be it your bladder or the call to stool, as you reach for the toilet paper which is situated slightly further back than usual, watch out for the automatic sensor flushing mechanism else you’ll have a traumatising experience whereupon your bottom will be very suddenly splashed with cold water.


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