Spoons Tours – the Montagu Pyke

IMG_3725.jpgThe montage Pyke is inconspicuously in situ on Charing Cross road, near Tottenham Court Road station. Built in 1911 as a cinema by Pyke the “cinema King” the subtle outside controverts the spoons within.

We were IDed instantaneously and with huge hostility the moment we tried to order our beers, after we had produced our IDs we were begrudgingly served a £4.15 pintie of Kronie. Standard central spoons prices so far.
There was an abundance of signs warning of impending theft of our worldy goods from the moment we stepped through the entrance, even our tables were adorned with signs of sticky fingered clients.

We made our way to the ladies to be severely disappointed.
No aide-de-camp to help us find our way in. There were a cornucopia of obstacles, (many doors and many stairs) to the loos which were DULL. Functional mirrors, absolutely nothing worth reporting on, as this picture illustrates. What a let down, especially after our lengthy trek to find them.

The pub is surprisingly spacious with two bars which is always a plus, we liked this diner-esque seating.

We used the game machine to play “pointless” and vanquished our old nemeses, two fictional men with whom we have developed an irrational and deep seeded hatred. This was the highlight of our morning here.
A Wetherspoons in central London is miraculous as a mirage, a brook of water for a thirsty desert camel.
A pint for under a fiver is to be celebrated – but this was not a spoons to which we hope to return.


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