Spoons Tours – Penderel’s Oak, Holborn

Named for a man who helped to hide King Charles I during the English civil war, this spoons is located mere minutes away from the Shakespeare’s Head, which we visited earlier that day.
The story goes that the King was hidden in an oak tree on Richard Penderel’s country estate and is henceforth known as Penderel’s oak.
The Spoons is decorated with creeping ivy to keep with this theme.

Mere minutes from the Shakespeare’s head, we visited here on our Holborn spoons crawl. The facade is a simple black and gold and takes closer inspection to ascertain that what lies within is indeed a spoons.

We treated ourselves to an apparently Scottish lager neither of us had seen before, ‘Innis and Gunn’, a higherprice, £4.45, it was mightily refreshing, and a rare treat to try a new bevvie, and a sweet little garden allowed us a nice spot outside to indulge our occasional cigarette habit.

The loos were huge with each stall boasting its own sink, and a sofa situated outside provided some welcome respite.
This gorgeous gilded mirror frame showing a resplendent column was the loo highlight here, despite their size, they weren’t very excitingly decorated.

We were told that a bar downstairs opens nightly from 6pm, so we have loose intentions to visit again sometime it is open.



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