Spoons Tours – Knights Templar, Holborn


Truly gorgeousness and gorgosity made Spoons.

IMG_1976 (1).jpg
Hidden minutes from Holborn Station this Spoons is grandly opulent inside and out.
A former Union Bank, this Spoons name comes from the order of Warrior Knights and it is certainly fit for nobility. We felt royal as we enjoyed our standard £4.15 kronies.
We visited the Shakespeare’s head and Penderel’s Oak beforehand, this was the last stop on our Spoons tour. The two prior Spoons served as a perfect warm up for what is quite simply, the creme de la creme of Spoons.

We stepped into a breathtaking palace straight from the dreams of princesses.

Grand colleseums abound, knightly paraphernalia, a quiz machine, a majestic golden pump behind the counter, kept solely for decorative purposes.

Truly it felt like an elegant night at the opera.
And that’s just the start, downstairs boasts mosaic clad loos with statues and soft sofas. We even took our last pintie down there and revelled in the stunning decor.


We felt, amidst this pure opulence it would be the perfect place to sample Spoons high tea.
We had a splendid time, this Spoons has just about surpassed Liverpool Street’s Hamilton Hall in being the most enchanting Spoons we have happened upon.


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