Spoons Tours – the Oyster Rooms, Fulham

IMG_4984.jpgCompact and in a shopping city, the Oyster Rooms is named for the restaurant that occupied these premises in the 1920s-30s. This is not a traditional Spoons, it falls under the auspices of being a Lloyds number 1 bar. The major distinction beyond the cynical prima facie ply for the student pound is that it plays music.

Oyster and general sea themed decor adorns the ceilings. But that is nary what we shall think of when we remember our visit to this spoons.

We thought that a Spoons with such a grand name would be a perfect place to again indulge in creamy warm scones, as we did in our Spoons benchmark of perfection, Knight’s Templar.
An inept member of staff pleaded ignorance when asked of the Spoons high tea, despite a conspicuous large sign to the contrary.
He stormed off to find a higher ranking member of the Spoons crew, a Dry sanded lip man, whose lips were shocking dry for a man forever surrounded by liquids.
He impressed with his strong and immediate contempt, instantly visible on his dry lipped face.
He referenced the spoons carrot cake instead – a poor substitute for a delicious cream tea.
We found a decent booth to enjoy our Kronie pinties from and appreciated the fishy decor but were in no hurry to order a second drink.
We concurred that the most exciting thing about this Spoons was its privileged lofty position in a little mall.
But no special flourishes made it a supra spoons.



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