Spoons Tours – The Willow Walk, Victoria

IMG_5261Smaller than one would expect, this Spoons gets its name from the original Willow Walk, the causeway across the marshy ground leading to Westminster Abby.

Just outside Victoria Station, The Willow Walk feels like a very old fashioned Spoons and yet a very archetypal one. The gilded mirrors sporadically positioned around were a definitive Spoons reminder, as were the chalkboards, paintings and dim lighting.

We were surprised and pleased to see Innis and Gunn, the refreshing beer we sampled at Penderel’s Oak in Holborn. We haven’t seen it elsewhere, and considering we had just stuffed our faces with a delicious bacon cheeseburger in Burger King, we were keen for something super revivifying. £4.25, pennies more expensive than our typical Kronie, a rare treat.
We found a sad little table on stools by a disabled toilet. It was loud and busy and not especially wonderful, very Spoonsy but as with many Spoons we have visited recently, nothing special leapt up at us that impelled us to return.




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