Spoons Tours – Wetherspoons, Victoria Station


This is an incongruent oasis of loveliness in a train station.
Like a futuristic airport, we loved the whiteness and the bright lights and the dome like facade.

Very minimalist,
There are two bars despite its compact little size and two entrances either side of the glorious dome.
We sat outside, eager to catch a hapless would be passenger miss their train, when we accosted by two men, understandably keen on our dazzling company. A slight coldness motivated our migration inside to sit with the men as oppose to a genuine desire for their company.
They did buy us several drinks, and considering this was the most expensive Kronie we’ve found on our Spoons tours, at £4.20, we were appreciative.
The loos are not fantastically exciting but they do boast this exquisite powder blue door.

We shall definitely return to this gorgeous Spoons, reminiscent of the utopian dreams of the futurists in their Città Nuova.



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