Spoons Tours – the Green Man, City

Located in the heart of the City, the Green Man is named for the pub that stood on these premises prior, also the Green Man. It is situated at No. 1 Poultry, a gorgeous, postmodern corporate complex designed by James Stirling.

There are two ways into this Spoons, underground and overground.

One at street level nearby Mansion House and the other side from within Bank station.

A bar on both floors, we found a lovely booth, amidst a fine selection, an essential Spoons fixture for us, to rest our weary, aching bones and enjoyed our typically central London £4.15 Kronies.

We were sat nearby this portrait of Elizabeth Fry, famous Quaker and prison reformer who has a place on the £5 note, despite being little known today.

Highlights here include this grand staircase and these oriental paintings at eye level.

These whimsical pastel loos transported us back to our childhoods, but were nothing special in comparison to the loo delights we would meet later that night…

We would definitely visit again if we were in the vicinity, it was lovely to come in via Bank Station and exit onto the sunny London street, to continue our day which shimmered with possibility.



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