Spoons Tours – the Sir John Hawkshaw, City


This spoons ensconced within Cannon Street Station gets it’s name from Sir John Hawkshaw, the original station designer.

We ambled here after a city pint at the Green Man
This Spoons must be heavily marked down and caveated as a danger zone as there was nary a toilet! We were forced to go to the train station toilets across the way. The only consolation was that we didn’t have to pay for our piss, petty consolation indeed!
We sat at this sumptuous royal blue booth and enjoyed our delightful supper, a burger and a dog respectively. Our chips were heavenly, expected Spoons perfection, our food was lovely, but lady who served us our food clearly hated us. Used to being hated, we did not mind so much, but were unsure of how her intense dislike of us came to pass.

It was a busy Friday night when we visited and we are lucky to have found seats. Train platforms were visible and the world rushed past us as we dug into our wonderful supper and quaffed our splendid kronies.

This spoons was simple, with not much decor beyond these elegant chandeliers and beautiful flowers on the bar.

This was a compact and convenient Spoons soured only by its lack of loos.



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