Spoons Tours – the Liberty Bounds, City

Two best friends entered this lovely spoons on a beautiful sunny day.

We had been excited to try a wetherspoons iced frappe for a long time now and today was the day we would finally achieve this dream. 5 minutes later we had found a fort and set ourselves up with 2 caramel frappes, at a wholly reasonable £1.60, and 2 kronies at the standard central London £4.15 apiece. The price was definitely right and we both agreed that in the sweet frappe we had found our drink of the summer.


It reminded us – as many moments remind us, why we shall always be infinitely dear to one another, so few people in the world would entertain the prospect of a frappe as a companion to a pintie.

The Spoons itself is situated just outside the liberty or bounds of the city of London, close to the Tower of London where many fateful and unlucky souls met their untimely death via execution, namely poor Anne Boleyn.

This Spoons allowed us to fulfil another long held dream, beyond the creamy goodness of our icy refreshing frappe, the dream of getting a blasted pointless answer on the game machine. We were satisfied just to conquer our fictional nemeses, David and Richard with whom we did battle last in a Spoons in the Montagu Pyke, but tonight we went further and got a Pointless Answer and though many would turn their noses up at our modest £2 prize, the satisfaction of having finally achieved what we long thought impossible, was something even MasterCard would agree was priceless.

The deco ranged from the sublime to the hideous, this golden carving and in contradistinction this gargoyle being prime examples.


IMG_5670Whilst the pub interior had its charms and books it’s once again in the toilets that Wetherspoons truly shows its worth. Beautiful chairs, a mirror of the fanciest variety and luxury seating, there was, a first for us and source of excitement, toilets on both floors! This is a spoons to which we will surely return, weary after a day out at the tower perhaps.



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