Spoons Tours – The Coronet, Holloway

The coronet is a neon picturesque cinematic dream – fittingly, as it was once the Savoy cinema. Renamed the Coronet in 1979, it screened its last film four years later and it became a Wetherspoons in 1996.

The Holloway Road is not a particularly nice area which makes this cinema come Spoons even more special and discordant from its surroundings.
Two best friends weary from an exhausting night popped in for a supper and a pint of Kronie.
We could see the bright lights from a distance as we marched forward, illuminating the impressive late 1930’s art deco building.

When we entered, we were greeted by this melancholic half moon and fairy lights adorned mirror. And a film poster depicting Rita Hayworth, from Gilda, a film we love and have watched over and over was in situ on the wall, the first of many references to cinema in the pub.

This is truly a beautiful pub, replete with bright lights and elaborate chandeliers, and a large rounded seating area. The loos were unmagnificent, but everything else was.
If we had the misfortune to be in the area, it is certain we would pay this Spoons a visit.



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