Spoons Tours – the New Crown, Southgate

IMG_5961.jpgThe most beautiful thing in all of Southgate is surely the gorgeous Charles Holden art deco underground station of futuristic wonderment.
But beyond that, there is also a Spoons.

As aspirant royals ourselves, we liked the name, which comes from the Crown Inn which stood at this site until the 1960s. The typical clientele, decor and atmosphere were in keeping with Spoons expectations. Other than the floral touches brightening up the facade, the New Crown is a typically Spoonsy Spoon.
These pastel pink princess loos straight from a children’s fairytale were fun and whimsical.

We found ourselves a comfy booth and had a pintie, plus our new sweet and cold delicious drink, a frappe for the road.

We were both miserable and hungover and in no mood to be accosted by a young man, who’s eagerness was equalled only by his quietness. He provided us with an extra incentive to down our kronies to make the journey home.
The Spoons was generous and grand, but was no Knights Templar in terms of grandeur.



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