Spoons Tours – J.J Moons, Wembley

This Spoons takes its name from the George Orwell moon theme that pervades many of the earlier Spoons branches.
J.J Moons boasts an impressive Palladian structure and the interior is gorgeous. Spacious, with lots of lights, a beautiful range of chandeliers and a royal blue wall and plush marmalade carpets adorning the floor.

We couldn’t for a moment forget where we were as old photographs of Wembley stadium made up the decor.

We were treated as terrorists on our way in by security guards as the Millwall League One playoff was on that afternoon.
They also insisted on confiscating our brand new bottles of water, to be returned to us on our way out.
The Millwall game also manifested itself in the fact that we had to drink our £3.45 Kronies out of plastic glasses, like fancy children.
We basked in the warm sun and shared a cigarette in a sweet little garden that felt fairly magical.

We sat on these comfy armchairs and downed a second pint, anxious to be out of Wembley posthaste, to beat the disappointed football fans who would surely be coming in soon to drown their post match woes.

The loos were the biggest surprise here. Unexpectedly lavish, they reminded one of a hotel lounge, not a Spoons at all.

We would gladly return to this Spoons if we happenstance found ourselves in Wembley. Gladly.



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