Spoons Tours – the Plough and Harrow, Hammersmith


This Spoons is in situ to replace a centuries old pub by the same name.

We visited on a day to commemorate the Queen’s birthday, and were impelled to celebrate by indulging in a special high tea in honour of her majesty.

That we did – two huge slices of rich Victoria sponge, two scones with clotted cream and two generous portions of strawberries with yet more cream plus, of course, an obligatory pot of tea all for a more than reasonable £10.50. The price is right.
Unlike any other Spoons we have come across, the Plough and Harrow served Bitburger, a German beer, that while not as nice as our usual Kronie, takes us back to a local bar we used to frequent where this was the only lager on tap.


There was a secret hidden platform that promised further delight, but we had already found a more than adequate fort from which to enjoy this simple yet spacious Wetherspoons.

The loos boasted these fabulous art deco mirrors as we as a sofa.


We sat like barrels after consuming our huge feast and after a Kronie, which was more than welcome after the less gorgeous Bitburger, we waddled out leaving behind only our remains.



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