Donalds Breakfast Bagel

We always believed egg mcmuffins, with bacon and sausage of course, to be the greatest breakfast offering provided by Donald’s.

After all, they are one of the contributing reasons why Travis can’t make it to school on time.


But one morning we decided to make the brave decision to try a breakfast bagel. Of course we opted for both bacon and sausage here too.
The results were absolutely splendid.
The delicious cheese, egg of a scrambly variety as oppose to fried, bacon, sausage and more cheese all blended together and ensconced within a delicious bagel as oppose to muffin.
Is it a mere question of muffin vs bagel, perhaps.
But the inherent doughy freshness of the bagel is beginning to win us over.
It is filling, greasy and delicious and at £3.69 (plus 30p for the privilege of having both bacon and sausage) for a meal, ie. comes with a hash brown and hot beverage, the price is right, Donald’s as always, delivers.




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