Spoons Tours – The Asparagus, Battersea

Before a night visit to the Natural History Museum, we were eager to find the nearest Spoons to visit for a pre exhibition bevvie.


This was just as well, as we ended up paying an extortionate £9.00 for two bottles of wanky craft beer called London Lager upon our arrival later that evening.


Named for the bounty of asparagus once produced in Battersea, this is a huge Spoons with an imposing deep blue facade with gorgeously gold writing lies beneath radiant fuchsia flowers.
Two kronies came to a more than reasonable £6.18, we enjoyed our first bevvie in the sweet little garden and used our wiles to glean a cigarette to share from a lackadaisical local who frequented the premises often.


The ceilings are adorned with lovely chandeliers and we found a buddy booth to sit at, where we ordered an ever delicious Spoons supper.


The loos were slightly art deco, see this interesting curve, and loungey colour scheme but not exciting enough to write home about. After the Knights Templar lavatories, of course, many toilets are pale in comparison.


This spoons was pleasant enough, not quite outstanding – we would definitely not be opposed to a future visit and it definitely sated our love of mirror frames.





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