Spoons Tours – Metropolitan Bar, Baker Street Station


This pub is named after the Metropolitan Railway – the world’s first city underground railway which passed under Marylebone Road.
It is just by Baker Street Station, the fluorescent neon blue sign tells of the Spoons joy within. However, the interior is wholly incongruent to one’s modernist style expectations.
Intricate gold doric columns are abound, leading up to elaborate high ceilings, decorated with acanthuses. It is truly a scene of polished grandness.



IMG_7833.jpgOur kronies were premium spoons prices, at £4.15, standard central London spoons pricing.

Little lights adorn the columns and the ceiling lights are subtle, as if to draw more attention to the luminous columns.

The loos are a bit of a traipse but well worth it as they are truly  fit for an Egyptian queen. for their futuristic golden mosaic and huge teal cubicles and lights that feel like they should be illuminating the temple of a buried pharaoh.



This spoons really is elite, but it is not quite creme de la creme, a la, the Knights Templar or the Crosse Keys,  but it definitely ranks highly on the Spoons scale.


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