Spoons Tours – the Moon Under Water, Enfield


We spotted this Spoons on a wretched rainy day. We had been to Forty Hall and wandered about until we found a bus and fortuitous as we are, that bus brought us here.

It is the second spoons we have visited that adopts Orwell’s moon under water name exactly, and quite a far cry from the Leicester Square branch too.

This Spoons typifies Wetherspoons values – to create a drinking environment that forever seeks to educate and inform its patrons via historical documents and paintings of famous figures.
The clientele in here consisted of old men with comb overs and sports sections – staring into their glasses and contemplating their own mortality. One even usurped as at the bar in his eagerness to be united with a Fosters!


Our kronies were a mere £3.09, the price is definitely right.

The walls were all covered in gold gilded mirrors and frames holding paintings.

This elegant silver and purple carpet was a highlight.

We shared a £2.80 price is right heavenly bowl of Spoons chips with our pinties and lamented the rain.



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