Spoons Tours – the Sir John Oldcastle – Farringdon

IMG_8192The sir John oldcastle is a new spoons discovery for us.
Right by Farringdon Station, we were amazed that given how often we frequent central London, we had never been here.

Named after The Sir John Oldcastle Tavern, which stood in the former grounds of Sir John’s nearby mansion, this was already long established by 1680. Oldcastle is thought to have been the model for Shakespeare’s character ‘Falstaff’ who appeared in three of the bard’s plays.
This was a bright Spoons with lots of lights and open windows.


We paid £3.99 per Kronie, an odd price we have never paid in a Spoons before and sat by this delightful little library.

We pretty much just necked our drinks as we were excited about the best friend dinner at Pizza Express we had planned that night.
For a central London Spoons it was nothing special bar these splendid high gothic mirrors in the loo and very floral facade.

IMG_8203 There was no thalassic theme like in the Ledger Building and none of the ornateness of the Knights Templar.
But a Spoons is a Spoons, and it is nice to know this one is a mere 10 minute bus ride from King’s Cross station.


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