Spoons Tours – the William Webb Ellis, Twickenham

We visited this Spoons following a trip to Strawberry Hill house.


It boasted a grand Victorian facade which we imagine must look very pretty at night.
The moment we stepped in we were greeted with this stunning retro wallpaper.

Twickenham has a rich rugby history reflected in the name of this Spoons, named for the alleged founder of the sport, William Webbe Ellis. Besides the rugby theme, credence to the history of Twickenham was paid, with a print referencing former residents Francis Bacon and Lucy Harrington.
The most exciting thing in the loos was were two plush sofas precluding the cubicles.

We ordered our usual Kronies and were amazed by the low low price of £3.18 apiece.
Some parts of the pub seemed more like a hotel lobby than a Spoons, like this libraryesque little corner of books and chairs.

We opted to sample the garden so went outside and asked for a cigarette from a man who’s company we then had to endure. Boring and bizarre and very captious, we downed our pinties at lightening speed to get away from this man, had another quick appreciation of the decor and rushed off to find the next stop on our spoons tour for the day.




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