Spoons Tours – the Watchman New Malden


The next stop on our day out following Strawberry Hill plus Twickenham was the Watchman in New Malden.
Named for the fact the building was once a police station, this Spoons is something pretty special.

Absolutely huge, we learnt this former police station was derelict for years before conversion into a Spoons brimming with lucelence.

Two best friends excitedly ordered their usual kronies and were amazed by the low low price of £3.09 apiece. We absolutely expected to pay more in so fine an establishment.

The loos while sans sofas boasted absolutely gorgeous turquoise tiling reminiscent of the Egyptian Art Deco style.

Everywhere one looks, an abundance of chandeliers and lights and booths a feast for the eyes.

This was truly a sumptuous spoons, well worth a visit if one is south of the river. Even the biggest Spoons snobs in the world couldn’t fail to be impressed by this celestial Spoons.



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