Spoons Tours – the Falcon, High Wycombe


The Falcon retains the name of the inn recorded on this site since the 17th century. A pretty little falcon adorns the sign.

This Spoons sold the cheapest Kronie we’ve ever had at a mere £3.05. The price has never been so right.

The pub was generously sized, and very Spoonsy, a far cry from the modernist feel of the upstairs of the other High Wycombe Spoons branch, the William Robert Loosley. It was a fine branch though and its cheapness was a plus.

We opted to sample the garden and decided we fancied sharing a cigarette. We had a gander about and resolved to ask two drinking ladies if we could buy one to share.
They insisted on giving us 2 despite our vehement protestations.
They invited us to sit with them so we did. It soon became apparent that were drunk, crazy bitches.
One of us endured a story about a stroke and the other a story about being a ‘cat grandmother’ all accompanied by frequent bouts of cries “oooh you’re sooo yoooung”
We decided to get the fuck out of there and said we said were going to the loo and we’d see them later. After a hurried, scrambling piss we ran to the train station never to return, if we were to visit again we would have wanted to sit at this lovely booth beneath a ship.


At Marylebone Station over a canny and the other cigarette the ladies insisted we take we laughed about the interesting characters a visit to Spoons always promises.



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