Spoons Tours – the Richmal Compton, South Bromley


The Richmal Crompton is named for the author of Just William, the wonderful book series detailing the exploits of William Brown and the Outlaws.
Compton taught at Bromley High School for Girls and lived in the area for 26 years.
We came out of South Bromley Station, and voila, there it was, in all its Spoonsy glory.

We visited en route to Charles Darwin’s house in Downe, Kent, and as such, we had a half an hour wait for our bus so popped in for a quick morning pintie. Our kronies were £3.25 apiece.

This Spoons is opposite South Bromley station and boasts a glowing white facade. The interior was a hotel from a twin peaks dream.

We loved these gorgeously simple chandeliers. We sat by this magnificent little library and admired the credence paid to Charles Darwin.

Before we downed our pinties we checked out the loos to find these very bizarre fish. We cannot understand the meaning of them.
So with its beguiling fish and all over charm and proximity to the station, we rate this Spoons as a modest delight.



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