Spoons Tours – the Rockingham Arms, Elephant & Castle

This Spoons is situated at Metro Central Heights, formally Alexander Fleming House. It is a complex designed by Erno Goldfinger whose modernist architecture can be spotted all over London. This particular installation is grade listed. Right across from Elephant and Castle station, we visited on a day of biblical rain.

The Rockingham Arms name bestowed by Spoons is a reference to a pub that occupied nearby premises.

We were astounded by our very price is right Kronies at £3.29 apiece and sat outside for a cigarette, and as gorgeous as we are, we naturally were approached by an interested man, in thrall to our beauty.
He insisted upon joining us indoors, and as we were planning to leave very soon for a Nando’s, we allowed him to sit with us for our temporary sojourn.

Inside is all very art deco. The loos were an almighty traipse away, but well worth it, as they were pretty stunning.

Elephant and Castle is not an area we venture to with any frequency, but we would gladly visit this Spoons again.



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