Spoons Tours – the Half Moon, Mile End

We happenstanced upon this gorgeous little Spoons by accident one day in a rush, so it was lovely to be able to come here and enjoy a refreshing pintie.


It is moments from Stepney Green station in Mile End and is one of a bounty of Spoons to borrow it’s name from George Orwell.

Our pints were £3.65 each, as always, the price is right.

Formerly a methodist church and then a theatre, this Spoons rich history subtly contrasts with the modernist exterior which looked beautiful reflecting the shimmering sunlight, here is the view from the sunny beer garden.

After admiring the ceiling we set about asking a local for a cigarette, always an indicator of the calibre of the place in our minds. Next thing we were invited to sit and before we knew we were sharing a Silk Cut and being asked about our sexual mores by two uncouth, dazzlingly rude builders. As we had exciting best friend dinner plans their vulgarity was water off our swanly backs and thusly, we downed our pinties, bid our farewells, appreciated the cabinesque-loos and left.

We canny think of anything that could bring us back to Mile End, so cannot envision returning, but equally cannot fault these divine premises.



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