Spoons Tours – The Angel

This Spoons is in situ by Angel station and its name derives from the rich history synonymous with the name Angel and this area.
We walked here post White Swan visit and admired Islington Town Hall en route.

It was absolutely rammed, but determined to sample its Spoonsly goodness we fought our way to the bar.
We espied Innis and Gunn, a refreshing beverage we acquired a taste for whilst in a Holborn Spoons Penderel’s Oak. Only now have we seen it again on tap. We ordered two pinties and we disappointed to be told they had run out. We revoked to Asahi, priced at £3.79 as with the White Swan and downed our pints outside over a cigarette, briefly revelling in the christmassy feel.


We did admire the sign on the loo door, but other than that, the toilets were unremarkable.

We would visit this Spoons again were we nearby Angel, but it was far too crowded and lively for our curmudgeonly liking.


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