Spoons Tours – Crown and Sceptre, Streatham



We were on one of our London day trips and wanted to find a Spoons to sample and happenstanced upon the Crown and Sceptre. We were immediately enthralled by the sight of the building. A gorgeous standalone building, this purpose built pub dates back to the early 1800s. It’s bold incongruity on the South Circular Road renders it even more imposing and impressive.

We rushed in and marvelled at how homely and cozy and christmassy it was, and once we’d shared a cigarette over our Kronies, in a huge garden we went to find a fort whereby we could enjoy our “Ultimate Burgers” a new Spoons creation boasting cheese and bacon and a salad we hastily put to one side. Our burgers and pinties totalled £14.50, typical Spoons wonderful value. We sat in one of the many little nooks and cranies in this lovely country feeling Spoons. There was a little Spoons library, grand chandeliers and the general atmosphere of being stuck in around 1846.


Were we to return to the area we would absolutely return – this Spoons may have lacked the regality of Liverpool Street’s Hamilton Hall or the futuristic modernity of the Spoons in Victoria Station but it possessed its very own unique charm and we thoroughly enjoyed our time here.



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