Spoons Tours – the Lord Moon of the Mall, Westminster

This Spoons is one we visited briefly many lord moons ago. Absolutely rammed, we vowed to visit again on a day and at a time we were confident the spoons would be less congested.
Nearby the majestic lions of Trafalgar Square, the most notable aspect to this Spoons is its prime location.

It derives its name from the Orwell reoccurring theme of moons.
”Twas a splendid rainy morning upon our return, nary a group in sight, just a couple of tourists ruminating over breakfast and a few lone drinkers drowning their despair.
Pretty flowers heavily decorate the facade, and a sign supposedly portraying Wetherspoons founder and our hero, Tim Martin. The building itself is Victorian, most evident in the luxurious high ceiling.

As we both had work later, we forewent our usual kronies, which we checked on the menu cost £4.25, and would have ranked as our most expensive, more so than at the gorgeous Victoria station spoons where we paid £4.20 apiece.
We opted for frappes, two caramel, £3.50 all together.

We waited a while for our frappes, so long that we contemplated leaving skeletons in our place, but then finally, they were brought over to us with a heartfelt apology.
Our momentary rage was melted away as the whipped cream melted down the cups with every sip, creamy coffee, syrupy goodness filled us with sapid joy.
The loos were filled with typical fancy spoons grand gilded mirrors but beyond that were not adorned with anything special.
We visited this Spoons en route to Banqueting House, were we on our way to somewhere in the area we would happily visit this Spoons, with the proviso of it not being too busy. But it is no Crosse Keys, nor Knights Templar nor Ledger Building.



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