Review: Five Guys

We had waited a long time to test the much lauded burgers of Five Guys and finally the day came.


We ordered bacon cheese burgers, a large portion of chips and had a milkshake apiece, our feast came to a stunning £33.00 in total.
One milkshake was cherry, the one vanilla. We got the option of whipped cream on both, a nice option to have available. It was nice to see we could of got a beer if we had wanted.
The moments we spent eating our burgers after our initial Samuel L Jackson response, “THAT IS A TASTY BURGER”, passed in a blissful blur.

Such a soft bun, so meaty, so cheesy. These burgers were an unexplainable delight, a treat so intense, Edmund would have sacrificed all the Turkish delight in our world and Narnia, just for a single bite. After we finished our burgers we begun on the perfectly salted chips. A large portion was far too many, even for two individuals as gluttonous as ourselves. So next time, we shall get a medium portion and see how we do. We saw a skinny teenage boy who also ordered large chips and watched, bemused as he tried to tackle his salty abundance.

Our milkshakes were the perfect companion to our meal and we left like two happy barrels. With Five Guys, one pays for a deluxe restaurant experience but receives an atmosphere congenial to that of a fast food outlet, a la our beloved Donalds or Kings.
However, the deliciousness of the burger does merit its extortionate prize tag.

As we collectively lauded our burgers upon leaving, we realised neither of us had got bacon in our burgers like we ordered. Not only had neither of us noticed, but we were too full of joy to care.
We are desperate to return for a breakfast here, we just hope it is equally as delectable.



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