Hotel Drink – M

En route to a Spoons we visited this hotel for a pint. We have often admired the bizarre architecture of the building but never ventured inside.

Hotel M was completed in 2015 and is in situ in the “Tech City” area surrounding Old Street.
The building’s facade is an optical illusion that looks flat, and unlike seemingly everybody else in the world, we actually like modern architecture and were immediately intrigued.

Imposing, divisive and mysterious, there is very little information about the building’s structure readily available.
We guessed we’d be paying in the region of £13 for two draught Peronis, but the price was a lowly and respectable £10.00
We sat at the bar, a rarity for us and marvelled in our kindred spirit’s shared clumsiness as he served us our drinks.
We observed a woman trying to order a Barcadi breezer which made him wince, in lieu of that she wanted a WKD.
Somebody kept doing terrible farts nearby, and like Mystery Inc or Sherlock and Holmes, we tried to suss out the pungent suspect.
And we also saw the most obnoxious man in the world, adorned in the worst tattoos hitting on some women clearly trying to derive as many drinks as possible out of him before telling him to fuck off.
He shouted “is my drink coming any time soon? I don’t want to be rude but I’m THIRSTY” which very much cemented him as a total arsehole.
We enjoyed our very reasonably priced pints and people watching session very much.



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