Review – Shake Shack

We decided to try Shake Shack after hearing numerous comparisons with Five Guys. We visited the Covent Garden branch circa 11:30 in the morning. We ordered bacon cheese burgers, that we regretted not making double and a caramel and a vanilla milkshake both with cream, plus two portions of normal fries as oppose to cheese fries, in totality our order came to just under £30.

We waited a while for our food, but we had one of those exciting buzzer things so were not too upset with the wait.
We saw three members of staff with fuck all to do, (maybe they had more when it was busier), so we let a nice lady bring us our food.
The chips were crinkle cut, which struck us as absolutely pointless. Our portions were £3 apiece and unlike the astronomical size of the portion we received at Five Guys, it was adequately manageable.
The bacon in our burgers was crispy perfection and contrasted beautifully with the soft bun. The burger itself was juicy and tender but we felt Five Guys burger was just a little more, it had a special je ne sais quoi. But Shake Shack’s strength lay in their gorgeously, thick, creamy milkshakes. We later found out that this was due to custard being an ingredient. We pondered the desert menu out of curiosity: “best concretes in town, I’m not gassing”, said the nice lady from earlier. Concretes seem to be their special dessert custardy concoction, we were far too full for it.
We would absolutely love a milkshake from here, but we shan’t spend nights dreaming of their burgers, as we expected.
Given how long the queue was, and the amount of nostalgic Americans and tourists lining up for their food, we can’t imagine when we shall return for a milkshake, but the day will come, and maybe we shall try some cheese fries.


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