Spoons Pizza Dinner Date

The moment we discovered that Wetherspoons were serving pizza our raison d’être was decided.
This dream begun on our fateful visit to Old Street’s Masque Haunt and after a trip to the cinema we had a dinner date in Spoons.

The branch we visited was the Shakespeare’s Head right by Holborn station, a Spoons we have visited before.
Also on this sojourn we used the Wetherspoons order and pay app which was marvellous.
Within two minutes of ordering our Kronies our £4.25 pinties were with us.

We had gone out for lunch earlier so were not starving, thus, we opted for a pizza between us and a cheesy garlic bread. Usually we are both mortally opposed to sharing.
Our supper arrived eight minutes after we ordered it, and unlike many other Spoons menu items we did not get the chance to couple it with a beverage, which was not a problem, but is noteworthy.
Our large garlic pizza bread was £4.24, a Rosemary mozzarella dream.
Our pepperoni pizza was delicious, a little heavy on the rocket but tasty. The pepperoni was nicely spicy. Both dishes came with a pizza cutter which was a nice touch.
We would definitely indulge in a Spoons pizza again and have one each next time. If Pizza Express offers the premium high street pizza, Spoons is not far behind and allows one a reasonably priced alcoholic concomitant to one’s meal.

After our pizza we fancied something sweet so perused the Spoons dessert menu. We ended up ordering warm cookie dough sandwiches on the amazing order and pay app. This dessert was a wonderful new addition to the Spoons menu. They were 2 for £6 and well worth it.
We had a wonderful supper in Wetherspoons. It is forever a source of comfort to know that across the city, across the land, there are branches of Spoons with ever increasing menu options and a new way to order that accommodates the laziest of drinkers.



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