Spoons Tours – Goodman’s Fields

We visited the Bank of England museum where we saw the new £10 featuring Jane Austen.
We fancied a pint in the city and discovered that there was a Wetherspoons a short bus journey away, that we had hitherto not visited.

Named for Roland Goodman who apparently farmed the land in the area for a nearby nunnery.
On approaching we immediately recognised this Spoons from the flowers adorning the facade, an attractive regular Spoonsy feature.
The interior was bright and modern feeling, with no discernible historical features on show. The loos had a Spoons staple gold gilded mirror plus a little sofa where one can relax and listen to other people doing poos.


IMG_2013Our pints were a very respectable £4.10 apiece, some of the cheaper Kronies we’ve had in the city.

It wasn’t too busy and we were served quickly, found ourselves a booth and nestled in. We paid a few visits to the smoking area out the front which was fine.

Nearby to this branch is the Liberty Bounds, gorgeous but forever packed, with rude staff and obnoxious tourists. So if one were in the area and fancied a jaunt to a quieter Spoons, this is the ticket.


We would definitely visit this Spoons again. It had its charms ands was spacious and secluded from the world, five minutes from Tower Hill, five minutes from Aldgate.



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