Shake Shack Cheese Fries

We returned to Shake Shack, this time the branch nearby Piccadilly Circus because we had a real and visceral craving for one of their fabulous custardy thick milkshakes.

Feeling a little peckish we also ordered some eye wateringly expensive for such a small portion cheese fries. As we waited with our cool buzzy vibrating thing we looked our first post on Shake Shack and saw that we had indeed stated our desire to sample cheese fries.

We had a milkshake apiece, one chocolate and one vanilla and plus our cheese fries our order came to circa £14.
The fries were more delicious than we remembered, though the crinkledness still bewilders us and the added cheese, while stingy in quantity, was a quality addition.
We were very upset not to have been offered cream on our shakes and watched enviously as fellow diners slurped their cream laden shakes. We befriended an employee who was impressed by our putting our litter in the bin as oppose to leaving it like savages. Our bond with him reneged our irritation at being sans cream, so we happily slurped our way to the bus stop, content and happy.




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