Spoons Tours – Baxter’s Court

Apparently, this pub stands, more or less, on the site of an old alleyway, known as Baxter’s Court, which dates from at least 1700.
For us, this Spoons was a traipse, but well worth it. We have neglected our Spoons tours and felt duty bound and excited to visit a new branch to us.

It overlooks the stunning art deco Hackney Town Hall building.
The loos were adorned with a kinda Egyptian style mosaic effect which we really liked. Like shitting in a Pharaoh’s bedroom.

The bright white facade contrasted with the intimate darkness of the interior.
It was beautiful and welcoming. Outside the pub proper but not on the street was this gorgeous little garden full of Chinese lights.
Upstairs we had a cigarette in this smoking area. Absolutely freezing but pretty and isolated.

We tried a new beer on this visit alongside our usual Kronies. This Russian lager. Incredibly refreshing in a way that belied it’s 5.% something or rather alcohol percentage.

We shared a final cigarette on our way out in the beautiful front garden, before being very politely reprimanded for smoking there.
IMG_3835We will try to think of an excuse to return to this exquisite Spoons.



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