Seasonal drinks – Starbucks fudge hot chocolate


Christmas is the time for gimmicky specials, limited edition, seasonal treats.

We like a Starbucks hot chocolate. Perfectly sweet and always topped with a generous helping of cream. We visited Starbucks today to sample their festive offerings. We both opted for a fudge hot chocolate.

It was £7.90 for the both of them. They came with these whimsical wisps of golden chocolate curls that were pretty and decorative in addition to being delicious.
There was a fudgey essence to the hot chocolate but it was hard to establish a distinction between this and a regular Starbucks hot chocolate, except this was a little richer and had the cute gold swirls. Well worth the additional 50p or so to elevate a hot chocolate into a special christmassy one.
After our visit, we went to Donalds for some cheese melt dippers, the McDonald’s festive offering that brings tears of unadulterated joy to our eyes every year. Welcome back cheese melt dippers, eternal manna from heaven.


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