Spoons Tours, Rochester Castle & Christmas Dinner

We fancied a lazy bus journey Sunday, which is what we got, Stoke Newington is an odd out of the way little place with a distinctively villagey feeling.

The facade was surprisingly grand, a nice differentiation from the high street of understated pubs we passed en route. There were an abundance of Wetherspoons signs, maybe because it is the first ever Spoons.



The place was festively decked out, the perfect environment to try something off the Spoons Christmas menu.

We went for the chicken and stuffing burger and the Brie and bacon, both were absolutely gorgeous and an absolute bargain, £8 apiece with a pintie. The burgers were succulent yet well cooked, the bacon was cooked to perfection, and both burgers came with delicious little pigs in blankets, a lovely added bonus.


The loos were nothing special, but it was nice to see their was a wreath on the ladies door but none on the mens and there was a little beer garden we visited twice for a fag.


This Spoons had lots of historical posters and signs paying credence to the local area’s history.

Although it may not be the nicest, largest or fanciest Spoons, it has a distinctive charm, epitomising Tim Martin’s vision, cheap alcohol in an environment that seeks to entertain and inform the drinker.



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