London day out, Skyscraper watch – the View from the Shard

As life long Londoners and sky scraper affectionados we enjoy the skyline and have been wanting to visit the top of the shard for a while, and one crisp winter afternoon our dream was realised.

The shard itself is beautiful close up and we were so excited , but our dream quickly turned into a nightmare because everything about the shard was shit.
We bought our tickets online for an extortionate £36 for the both of us as oppose to the usual even more extortionate £50.

We queued for a very long to take two lifts to the incredibly cramped top where we spent £8 on two coffees and wanted to leave. It was claustrophobic and cramped and there was no proper outside bit. Our coffee cups weren’t even shardy or attractive. But the coffee was good. We finished over a fag at the base of the shard and lamented our lot in life.
There was no space at the top and all one can see is the dirty filthy Thames. We looked forlornly at the Sky Garden (which is also free and with a booking you can breeze in without queuing). A gorgeous place with luscious greenery and space, we have been inspired to visit again, prompted by our horrible Shard day.


The dichotomy of the skyscraper is that from the ground, one yearns to be at the top, and from the top one cannot see the beautiful building.

The one thing that we can say is that we have been to the only place in London to get a view without the Shard so it’s a unique place in a way. But it nonetheless felt like a sleazy tourist trap, an enterprise utterly devoid of imagination or joy. Even the heavy discount in the gift shop didn’t entice us to buy any tacky overpriced shard based crap.

The only way we’d ever go back is if a Wetherspoons was built at the top.



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