Spoons Tours – The Capitol – Forest Hill

This magnificent Spoons came into our eyeline the moment we turned the corner from Forest Hill station.

It’s a beast of a Spoons complete with little details, including a creepy dummy, to remind you of its cinema history. We found ourselves a table and ordered Empire State burgers and Kronies. This Spoons was surprisingly cheap. Our burgers and beers were circa £16.
A huge fuck off burger we both strived and struggled but made it through, all the while basking in the gorgeous opulent cinematic grandeur.

The ambience of Spoons was as ever. Barred customers trying for service, the wonderful strange collection of weirdos Spoons always manages to attract.
Our Spoons friend for the night was necking a bottle of wine by himself in the smokers area and came and sat at our table.

IMG_4823 (1)


The bench in the loo was crazy uncomfortable but a sofa in or en route to the ladies is the mark of a great Spoons.
Everything down to the loos was an Art Deco dream and we hope we have an excuse to visit this exquisite Spoons again.


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